Privacy Policy

We value the users’ privacy a lot; therefore, is committed to managing all your personal information responsibly. Users’ information will be kept confidential. Arrangements have been put in place to ensure that all the essential and necessary precautions to safeguarding private and personal information are taken. This Privacy Policy aims to disclose and explain all the practices involving the collection, handling and disclosure of information and details of all users, members, and partners of this website. It also describes policies and practices executed to safeguard private information.

Information Collection and Protection reviews diffeernt garcinia cambogia products and sometimes we may require the users of the our website to provide us with the information we need. This information is mainly for customizing the experience of the user and will not be shared by any third parties. However, under special circumstances we may seek your permission to disclose personal/private information.

Registration and Contact Information

The end users who may wish to register an account with us or request for some of our Services, will be required to provide personal information such as name, telephone number, and address. may ask for the following information for the reasons listed below:

  1. In order to personalize the users’ experience and respond better to their individual needs
  2. To respond to inquiries submitted to us by the user
  3. To make changes for the better to our website, based on the feedback we get from the end users
  4. To send out and administer the occasional and voluntary surveys and promotions
  5. To communicate and effectively manage the members’ accounts
  6. To improve customer service and respond to your queries and support needs
  7. To send periodic publications and information associated with the website to the users with the option of opting out
  8. For personalizing the users’ experience and respond better to their individual needs

Sometimes, non-identifying profiles are generated from the information provided by the users. This is usually done for marketing purposes. Such information could be the total number of members and visitors to our website.

Different security measures have been put in place in order to maintain the safety of your personal information when you access it.

Disclosure of Information

The policy of the is to completely keep personal information of our members and visitors confidential, and any sharing of such information will only be after your consent has been sought. The information will only be provided when the law requires us to do so; for example, in accordance with a Privacy Act. complies with the Children’s Privacy Protection Act and all other applicable laws.

Online Advertisements

Non-identifying information about our Visitors and Members collected during the registration process and during online surveys and promotions may be provided for purposes of online advertisements display.

Promotions and Voluntary Customer Surveys

Sometimes offers contests, polls or other promotions co-branded with third parties. The website’s admin may be required to provide, to the third parties, personal information of the winners. This will only be done upon the consent of the winners. However, the website has no control over the use of this information when supplied to the third parties.

Sometimes, may send out individual and business customer surveys which help in providing important information that help us improve our Products / Services. Personal information will remain strictly confidential during these activities. Members are therefore encouraged to participate in the surveys.

Email Enquiries

Queries from our members and visitors can be addressed through emails to our website’s admin. The email queries are not shared with any third party and will remain strictly confidential.

Cookies and Uses

Cookies are not usually used but we may be required to use them sometimes, only for collection of information for statistical purposes. Such statistical information is used to help us improve the website’s Services offered and our telecommunications networks. These cookies do not enable third parties to access any customer information.

Any changes to privacy policy will be posted on this page.


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Contacting us

For any questions or concerns that you might have, feel free to address them to an address provided below, or reach out to us through our contact us page:

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This document was last updated on February 15, 2014.